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Morocco's southern region is one of the best places to learn, improve or practice surf  whatever your ability and your requirements are. From Essaouira you could reach many different beaches so you will  have the chance of experience different many kinds of waves. Our village is also known as the windiest city in North Africa, and it offers much more than wind, this is the reason why many surfers and kitesurfers come back every year.
Essaouira Bay. Ideal surf spot for beginners and experienced performers. The waves are more consistent on the south side . Many schools of surf, kite and other disciplines offer courses throughout the year. In the surrounding areas, cafes and restaurants give direct access to the beach.

Moulay Bouzerktoun. Located 30 km to the north of Essaouira, on the road to Safi. This small sandy beach is composed of a rocky slab . The particular wind of the area is called "Charki", and it blows throughout the year. It’s stronger than in the bay of Essaouira, and from mid-March until mid-September it could reach even the 45 knots.

Sidi Kaouki. Located 25 km south of Essaouira on the road to Agadir. This small town was built around an ancient mausoleum that believers used to visit during an ancient pilgrimage. Today, surfers and windsurfers continue this tradition. Spots of Sidi Kaouki are ideal for intermediate performers.

Safi Beach. A large beach with rocky slabs that offer powerful and curly waves. Access is urban and special, but once on the beach and facing the north, only peaks, sand dunes and bushes can be seen.

Yoga & surf

Dar Nafoura Essaouira mogador offers yoga surf trips in partenrship with ocean vagabonds of Essaouira

Who is it for living ?

-Beginners starting at age 16

-Enthusiasts surfing of course.

-Group from 4 peoples welcome.

Why yoga and surf ?

4 hours of yoga helps to balance the 6 hours of surfing.

Morning pre surf yoga session: this will be an active Vinyasa flow based  class that will get the blood flowing; with some sun salutations and balancing poses to open the shoulders; upper-back; hamstring and hip flexors to prepare the body before riding the waves.

Evening post surf yoga sessions: Paddind for hours leaves your lower-back and upper-boddy worked so we will balance this out.

This will be a more mellow; yet deep practice designed to wring out tensions from the neck and lower back with accessible forward bends en twists.

This pack includes:

- A morrocan meal on arrival

-Lunch baskets noon the next three days


-Nights in the charming riad nine rooms located in the heart of the médina

-Four hours of yogas

-Six hours of surf; equipment included.

Limited places/attractive prices:

For more informations follow the links:

Yoga Essaouira

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